Call for participants!
I'm seeking Yonsei and Gosei (4th and 5th generation Japanese Canadians/Americans) of all ages and backgrounds to participate in a photo project relating to Japanese Canadian and American internment. The following details will allow me to learn a bit about you and contact you for your further participation.

Please note, shooting will take place in approximately January and February 2018.

This project is supported by NAJC (National Association of Japanese Canadians) and the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre.
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All responses will remain anonymous and will be used for the purpose of further contacting applicants
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Age *

This project is inclusive of Yonsei and Gosei of all ages. The more diverse the better!
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My family experienced internment: *

This project will be making a direct connection with Japanese Canadian internment. A personal relation to this history is ideal. However, knowledge of internment or your family's internment is not a requirement at this time.
What is your city of residence? *

This project requires me to visit you in-home. I will be using this information for mapping and organizing purposes.
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